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Amazing Archaeologists!

Amazing Archaeologists!  1
Amazing Archaeologists!  2
Amazing Archaeologists!  3
Amazing Archaeologists!  4
Amazing Archaeologists!  5
Amazing Archaeologists!  6
Amazing Archaeologists!  7
Amazing Archaeologists!  8
We had a fantastic Science Day dressed up as archaeologists. We did lots of experiments to learn how fossils were made and how different animals adapted to survive in their habitats. We were even lucky enough to look at some real fossils and animal bones and think about what animal they could be. Thank you to grown ups for the brilliant costumes!


Recorders 1
We are really enjoying learning the recorders with Mr Dolovich. We are beginning to read music; we know middle line B, in the space A and lower line G. A challenge for 3 Birch...see if you can explain to your grown-ups how Bumble Bs by Mr D sounds and what the different symbols mean! 
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Giant paintings!

Giant paintings!  1
Giant paintings!  2
Giant paintings!  3
Giant paintings!  4
Giant paintings!  5
Giant paintings!  6
Giant paintings!  7
As part of our Once Upon A Time topic, we have spent a lovely afternoon designing and painting our own giants. We really focused on working as a team - we made sure everyone had their ideas listened to, voted democratically and allocated roles so that everyone had a job to do. We are all really proud of our paintings and had lots of fun creating them! 
A huge well done to everyone in 3 Birch who created a giant model for their home learning! We had a lovely afternoon sharing our models and looking at all the fantastic designs everybody came up with. Thank you to the children and grown-ups for the enormous effort that went into this piece of home learning. 

Trip to Darrick Woods

Trip to Darrick Woods 1

This week we went on a walk around the woods behind our school to learn more about our local area. We were very excited to see which animals and plants we could spot! The trip was a lovely way to celebrate after a fantastic first few weeks in Year 3. Well done 3 Birch! 

26th April: PTA Quiz Night..........30th April: Year 4 Swimming begins..........1st May: PTA Slate & Scoot..........