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Recorders 1
We are really enjoying learning the recorders with Mr Dolovich. We are beginning to read music; we know middle line B, in the space A and lower line G. A challenge for 3 Birch...see if you can explain to your grown-ups how Bumble Bs by Mr D sounds and what the different symbols mean! 
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Giant paintings!

Giant paintings!  1
Giant paintings!  2
Giant paintings!  3
Giant paintings!  4
Giant paintings!  5
Giant paintings!  6
Giant paintings!  7
As part of our Once Upon A Time topic, we have spent a lovely afternoon designing and painting our own giants. We really focused on working as a team - we made sure everyone had their ideas listened to, voted democratically and allocated roles so that everyone had a job to do. We are all really proud of our paintings and had lots of fun creating them! 
A huge well done to everyone in 3 Birch who created a giant model for their home learning! We had a lovely afternoon sharing our models and looking at all the fantastic designs everybody came up with. Thank you to the children and grown-ups for the enormous effort that went into this piece of home learning. 

Trip to Darrick Woods

Trip to Darrick Woods 1

This week we went on a walk around the woods behind our school to learn more about our local area. We were very excited to see which animals and plants we could spot! The trip was a lovely way to celebrate after a fantastic first few weeks in Year 3. Well done 3 Birch! 

Friday 15th February: the children should only attend school for their parent/teacher consultation meeting..........