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Computing Programmes of Study

Computing at DWJS

Darrick Wood Junior School is very well resourced in this subject. Indeed, we are one of the most successful schools within the borough for provision, use of ICT to support teaching and learning and pupil attainment in this subject. We were one of the first Primary-phase schools in the country to achieve the NAACE mark and the ICT Mark status.


We have two ICT suites – each comprising 18 networked computers, a printer, a scanner and Interactive Whiteboard. There are also networked computers in our classrooms and smaller teaching rooms. All teachers have their own laptops provided by the school and these are used with our Interactive Whiteboards to enable teachers to bring lessons (in most subjects) to life. In addition, we have a fully secure wireless network which allows us to use our 4 class sets of Ipads  for everything from recording to investigating new learning across the curriculum.


The Computing curriculum covers algorithms which are "sets of instructions." These are taught not only using computer programs, but also through instructions in cross curricular subjects such as PHSE (How to help a child who needs a friend to play with) and English (writing out instructions or recipes). When using Ipads or PCs they will also be creating and debugging simple programs of their own, developing logical reasoning skills and taking their first steps in using devices to “create, organise, store, manipulate and retrieve digital content”.

Once the children have grasped basic programming and debugging they start creating and debugging more complicated programs with specific goals and get to grips with concepts including variables and “sequence, selection, and repetition in programs”. They will still be developing their logical reasoning skills and learning to use websites and other internet services. There are also built in opportunities to use devices for collecting, analysing and presenting back data and information, particularly useful in science. 

 Each class is timetabled to receive one session of ‘specific’ Computing each week where children acquire and develop key skills via distinct units of work.


Our Computing curriculum has been designed to dovetail with all curriculum areas and provide pupils with opportunities to use their skills across all subjects. Access to the suite is not specifically targeted for ICT lessons. With the enhanced facilities we have classes can often be found creating and recording work in a wide range of multimedia formats.  E-safety is regularly discussed and specific lessons are taught to raise awareness of potential issues and how they can best be avoided.


Darrick Wood Junior School is part of the London Grid for Learning consortium and makes good use of the opportunities this provides.  Our ‘Virtual Learning Environment’ incorporates ultra-secure, Safemail e-accounts for all pupils. This facility enables them to share work between home and school and to communicate effectively within an ‘anytime – anywhere’ learning environment. Thus our children are well prepared for the working practices of the 21st century.


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