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Enabling Enterprise


Enabling Enterprise is an award-winning not-for-profit social enterprise, set up by a team of teachers in 2009. Their mission is to equip young people with the skills, experiences and aspirations they need to succeed in life.


They focus on eight core skills that are the essential building blocks: Teamwork & Leadership; Listening & Presenting; Aiming High & Staying Positive; Problem Solving & Creativity. The Enabling Enterprise programme transforms these skills through a combination of lesson-time projects, challenge days and trips to top businesses. In each of these, pupils apply and develop their skills through project-based challenges with a real-life element from business – like making a radio show, setting up an art gallery or running a health campaign. Class teachers receive support throughout the programme which includes training on how to use the unique skills assessment tools that help to track skills and how they develop over time. 


DWJS Launch/Challenge Day: Tuesday 17th November

'We all enjoyed working with our teams to design and make cards. The production line was my favourite bit.

My team worked well on developing our use of the 8 skills but there were a few hiccups. We ended up in 'the pit' a few times and had to work together to get out again. It was a fantastic day!' (Year 5 child)


Below is a link to the DWJS page on the EE website



Business Trips

The business trips are designed to inspire and motivate students, as they learn more about the workplace, the sector and the employees. It is also an opportunity for them to further develop their understanding and application of the enterprise skills they have used at school in lesson time projects and Challenge Days in a real world situation supported by professional volunteers. The activities are led by EE staff, who are all trained and qualified teachers, with the support of volunteers from the business, however, school staff are also encouraged to get involved in the day as much as possible.


Link to write up of visit to RSA


RSA London 21/01/2016

What is the ‘Invest for Success’ challenge? 

Teams explore what risk and benefit mean and work as investment bankers to make the maximum growth for their client’s wealth. They must make careful decisions as to which companies to invest in, based on information they are provided with. The event will culminate in an exciting ‘Dragons’ Den-style’ client presentation where you will decide which team has been the most successful.

  • Explore the role of risk and benefit in finance  
  • Apply decision making skills to make financial choices
  • Develop presentation skills to convince the client that their decisions are the best
  • Reflect on how they can continue to improve decision-making using risk and benefit



Morning session (10am – 12pm)

Student Arrival

Students arrive, get in teams and start with a short ice-breaker.

Business Introductions

Short introduction to the business and sector – led either by EE or lead volunteer co-ordinator.

Tour  (If possible)

EE staff and volunteers lead small groups around the offices to gain an insight into the working world.

Risk Discussion & Game

Students discuss the difference between risks and benefits. Teams play “Million Pound Drop” to experience risk.

Business Research

Teams find out about the different businesses available to invest in a carousel activity.

Making the Investment

Teams must pick which business they wish to invest in

Lunch 12 – 12:30

Afternoon session (12.30pm – 2pm)

Profit Calculation

Teams calculate the profit they have made based on the performance of the businesses they have invested in.

Write Client Presentation

Students share out the sections of the pitch and apply persuasive writing to write individual parts.

Practice Client Presentation

Teams practise their presentation aloud as a team.


Teams present their final pitches to the panel of volunteer judges to decide the winning team.




IBM London 09/02/2016

What is the ‘Imaginative Inventors’ challenge? 

Teams must research and design a new piece of technology which will support the employees at the business. The event will culminate in an exciting trade fair where the business volunteers will be the judges to decide the ultimate winning team of the day.


  • Learn about the business, their employees and how they use the challenge skills in their jobs.
  • Use imagination skills to research and design a new gadget to solve an everyday problem for the organisation and the employees.
  • Present idea with exciting advertising to convince the judges at an ‘Inventors’ Fair’ that your team have the best new idea. 



Metrobank Croydon 03/03/2016

Link to write up of Metro Bank visit


Year 5 Active Minds 2017

Still image for this video
A promotion video for a Year 5 fitness session.