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Darrick Wood Junior School

The school is now closed for the Easter holidays. We look forward to seeing the children back on Tuesday 17th April for the start of the Summer Term.
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Access to learning and the curriculum


Access to additional targeted teaching by trained staff

  • in all year groups

  • Flexible to meet the needs of the current cohorts of children

  • Delivered by trained staff and line managed by subject leaders and the SENCO

  • Individual Integration Plans for children from Griffins


Strategies/programmes to support speech and language where appropriate

  • Speech and language Therapist advice disseminated to and followed by teaching staff

  • Specific differentiation or modification of resources as required

  • Support with the introduction of new vocabulary e.g. for a new topic

  • Support/strategy packs for children


Strategies to support/develop literacy including reading

  • TA support in lessons

  • Individual computer based programmes to support spelling

  • Small group intervention programmes delivered by support staff

  • Small group intervention to support writing delivered by teaching staff

  • Daily Reading carousel

  • Phonic teaching in Year 3

  • Reading books to support phonic programme

  • Parent Evening to help parents understand how reading is taught in school

  • Touch typing intervention

  • Coloured reading rulers for children identified as having visual stress syndrome


Strategies to support/develop numeracy

  • TA support in lessons

  • Small group intervention programme

  • Whole school set by ability groups

  • Use of a wide range of practical mathematical apparatus

  • Individual computer based learning programmes to support number

  • Parent workshop/booklet to help parents understand how maths is taught in school and enable them to support their child at home


Strategies/support to develop independent learning

  • Visual timetables in all classrooms

  • Resources clearly labelled in all rooms

  • Year 6 homework diaries

  • Teaching assistants are used to support all children and not just link to children with SEND

  • Individual targets, appropriate to the age and ability of the child. Some children may also have a Pastoral Support Plan (PSP) or a Behaviour Support Plan (BSP)

  • Additional learning aids such as pencil grips, writing slopes, move ’n’ sit cushions