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Darrick Wood Junior School

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Access to learning and the curriculum


Access to additional targeted teaching by trained staff

  • in all year groups

  • Flexible to meet the needs of the current cohorts of children

  • Delivered by trained staff and line managed by subject leaders and the SENCO

  • Individual Integration Plans for children from Griffins


Strategies/programmes to support speech and language where appropriate

  • Speech and language Therapist advice disseminated to and followed by teaching staff

  • Specific differentiation or modification of resources as required

  • Support with the introduction of new vocabulary e.g. for a new topic

  • Support/strategy packs for children


Strategies to support/develop literacy including reading

  • TA support in lessons

  • Individual computer based programmes to support spelling

  • Small group intervention programmes delivered by support staff

  • Small group intervention to support writing delivered by teaching staff

  • Daily Reading carousel

  • Phonic teaching in Year 3

  • Reading books to support phonic programme

  • Parent Evening to help parents understand how reading is taught in school

  • Touch typing intervention

  • Coloured reading rulers for children identified as having visual stress syndrome


Strategies to support/develop numeracy

  • TA support in lessons

  • Small group intervention programme

  • Whole school set by ability groups

  • Use of a wide range of practical mathematical apparatus

  • Individual computer based learning programmes to support number

  • Parent workshop/booklet to help parents understand how maths is taught in school and enable them to support their child at home


Strategies/support to develop independent learning

  • Visual timetables in all classrooms

  • Resources clearly labelled in all rooms

  • Year 6 homework diaries

  • Teaching assistants are used to support all children and not just link to children with SEND

  • Individual targets, appropriate to the age and ability of the child. Some children may also have a Pastoral Support Plan (PSP) or a Behaviour Support Plan (BSP)

  • Additional learning aids such as pencil grips, writing slopes, move ’n’ sit cushions


Adverse Weather: please assume school will remain open as normal unless you are advised otherwise. See Parents/Adverse Weather page for further information..........Year 3 Enabling Enterprise Afternoon: 27th February..........World Book Day: 1st March..........Travelling Book Fair: 7th-12th March