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Darrick Wood Junior School

School is now closed for the Christmas holidays and will reopen on Tuesday 8th January. Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
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Staff List


Leadership Team


Headteacher: Mr Andrew Kilgour
Deputy Headteacher: Mr Dave Hackin
Assistant Headteacher: Mrs Carrie Cox
Inclusion Manager/SENCO: Mrs Becky Heath


Classes & Teachers - 2018/19


Year 3


Miss Annie Druce



Mr Tommy Ryan


Miss Jess Hanney

(Year Group Leader)


Year 4

Mrs Fiona Pethurst/

Mrs Jacqui Lugg



Mrs Gill Rixon




Miss Abi Rowe

(Year Group Leader)

Year 5

Mrs Suzanne Swan/

Mrs Liz Storrs



Miss Rebecca Georgiadis

(Year Group Leader)


Miss Sian Hayzer

Year 6 Hornbeam

Mr Ben Peters




Mrs Emilie Linsdell

(Year Group Leader)


Miss Yvette Heslop



Mrs Sonja Perkins (Cover Teacher)

Mrs Liz Storrs (Cover Teacher)

Miss Amy Mulholland (Cover Teacher - Maternity Leave November 2018)


Support Staff


Teaching Assistants:  

 Mrs Sharon Beale
   Mrs Jane Barrow
   Mrs Jane Boorman
   Mrs Clarissa Cannon (TA - ELSA)
   Mrs Brenda Carroll
   Mrs Georgia Crosbie
   Ms Melanie Faiers
   Mr Graham Harrington (Cover Supervisor)
   Mrs Lenna Holt
   Mrs Mary Kay (Cover Supervisor)
   Mrs Beckie Osman (Cover Supervisor)
   Mrs Sonja Perkins
   Miss Angela Rance
   Mrs Tracey Rodwell
   Miss Jemima Snewin
   Mrs Minoti Srivastava (Cover Supervisor)

Midday Supervisors:  

 Mrs Jane Barrow (Senior Midday Supervisor)
   Mrs Roopsi Bhajanehatti
   Mrs Jane Boorman
   Mrs Rebecca Burnett
   Mrs Clarissa Cannon
   Miss Maggie Cunningham
   Ms Melanie Faiers
   Mrs Clare McCormack
   Mrs Jenny Miles

 Miss Angela Rance

   Miss Kelly Whitelock
   Miss Suzanne Wheatland

Other Support Staff:  

 Mrs Sara Benstead (Business Manager)

 Mrs Nicola Bailey (Administrator)

   Miss Ayse Ferguson (Administrator)

 Mrs Lynn Norrington (Administrator)

   Mrs Fiona Newman (Family Worker)
   Mr Mark Callaghan (Site Manager)
Spring Term starts on Tuesday 8th January..........The cost of school lunches for the first half of the Spring Term is £61.60..........The new menu for the Spring Term can be found on the School Lunches page..........