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How will the school help my child move to a new class/year group or to a different school?


Children and young people with SEND can become particularly anxious about “moving on” so we seek to support successful transition by:


When starting at our school (in year 3):

Transition support, extra school visits and social stories are devised for children with emotional needs related to their SEND, in the preceding Summer term (and if necessary the Spring Term) when starting in year 3 in September.


There is a close liaison between Darrick Wood Infant School and Darrick Wood Junior School, especially in the Summer Term. Our year 3 teachers visit the school to see the classes in their own environment; to visit again to discuss all the children in the class; the year 2 children are paired with a year 5 buddy: year 5 go down to spend time reading with year 2; year 2 then visit the school at various times – an assembly; a playtime; to watch the year 6 production and then to spend some time in their new classroom with their new teacher. There are meetings for year 2 parents where they are shown round school by our year 6 children; and there is a “Getting Started” meeting. Both the Head Teacher and SENCO are available at these times.


When moving classes in school (year on year):

Staff meet at the end of the Summer Term to ensure all necessary information and documents are passed on. The children meet their new class teacher for a session in their new classroom.


When moving to another school:

We will contact the School SENCO and share information about special arrangements and support that has been made to help your child achieve their learning goals.


We will ensure that all records are passed on as soon as possible.


In year 6-7 transition

The SENCO and/or class teacher will attend the primary/Secondary Transition day meeting to discuss specific need of your child and the nature and level of support which has had the most impact.


On some cases additional multi-agency meetings may be arranged to create a more detailed “transition” plan which may include more visits to the new school and/or additional visits from the new school.


For children with a Statement of Educational Need, a meeting with the Educational Psychologist will be arranged in year 5 to review children and associated specific transition requirements.

Summer Term begins Tuesday 17th April