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Christmas Party

Christmas Party 1
Christmas Party 2
Christmas Party 3
Christmas Party 4
Christmas Party 5
Christmas Party 6
Christmas Party 7
Christmas Party 8
Christmas Party 9
5 Willow class assembly

A magical performance!

A magical performance! 1
A magical performance! 2
A magical performance! 3
A magical performance! 4
A magical performance! 5
A magical performance! 6

Our Class Charter

Our Class Charter 1

We have agreed on four rights that we believe we all have in class. They come with responsibilities that we each have in order to ensure that we respect each other's rights.



We have the right to be treated fairly.



We will treat each other fairly.
We will listen to each other.



We have the right to learn.



We will always try our best.
We will listen to the teacher and other adults.
We will listen to each other’s ideas.
We will not distract others from their learning.




We have the right to make friends.


We will be kind to everyone in the class, even if we don’t play with them at break time.
We will help each other.



We have the right to be protected from physical and emotional harm.



We will use kind words.
We will not criticize one and other.
We will respect each other’s personal space.