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Year 3

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Character Costume
Tom Christmas Jumper and Dark Trousers/Skirt
Toy Seller/Gold Angel 1 White T-shirt, jeans and apron AND white tunic, GOLD sash and wings, T-shirt, shorts and sandals
Toy Seller/Gold Angel 2
Shoppers Christmas Jumper and Dark Trousers/Skirt
Carol Singers Coat to cover their costume
Conductor Black trousers and jacket, white shirt with black bow tie
Stallholder 1 Black T-shirt, jeans, christmas accessories 9eg. Small amount of tinsel to tie around waist/hair/wrists) and apron
Stallholder 2
Stallholder 3
Stallholder 1a
Stallholder 2a
Stallholder 3a
Chief Roman Roman soldier costumes
Roman 1
Roman 2
Roman 3
Roman 4
Nazarene 1 T-shirt, shorts, tunics, sandals/plimsols. Small bags for going on a journey
Nazarene 2
Nazarene 3
Nazarene 4
Nazarene 5
Nazarene 6
Nazarene 7
Nazarene 8
Nazarene 9
Blue Angel 1 White tunic, BLUE sash and wings, T-shirt, shorts and sandals
Blue Angel 2
Mary Blue sleeveless dress and white head dress (school), long sleeve white or light blue top, alice band, sandals
Joseph Striped tunic (school), T-shirt, shorts, sandals/plimsols
Big Star Star costume
Innkeeper T-shirt, shorts, tunics, sandals/plimsols
Innkeeper's Wife
Innkeeper Relatives
Silver Angel 1 White tunic, SILVER sash and wings, T-shirt, shorts and sandals
Silver Angel 2
Silver Angels
Shepherd 1 T-shirt, shorts, tunics, head dresses, sandals/plimsols
Shepherd 2
Shepherd 3
Shepherd 4
Purple Angel 1 White tunic, PURPLE sash and wings, T-shirt, shorts and sandals
Purple Angel 2
Herod Crown, grand tunic with cloak
Herod's Wife
Courtier 1 Fancy tunics, perhaps with gold sashes
Courtier 2
Courtier 3
Courtier 4
Courtier 5
Courtier 6
Courtier 7
Courtier 8
Courtier 9
Courtier 10
Courtier 11
Courtier 12
Servant 1 Purple and gold top and shorts
Servant 2
Servant 3
Caspar Gold and purple tunics and waistcoats (school), black vest/T-shirt and shorts, sandals, crown
Hens & Mice Chicken / mouse costume, shoes they can dance in

Christmas Production Lyrics

02 Roll Up, Roll Up!.wma

03 The Forgotten Toys.wma

04 Marching.wma

05 Going On A Journey.wma

06 Follow The Star.wma

07 We Sing Of The Birth.wma

08 Run With Haste To Bethlehem.wma

09 Herod!.wma

12 Have You Heard-.wma

13 Now Our Story Has Been Told.wma

26th April: PTA Quiz Night..........30th April: Year 4 Swimming begins..........1st May: PTA Slate & Scoot..........