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Ships Ahoy!

Our trip to Chatham Dockyards was fantastic, despite the cold weather. It was fascinating walking around the submarine and destroyed battle ship which were used in World War Two and mind-boggling to think that men would live in those cramped conditions for months at a time. We learnt so much from our guide, including how ships were used to protect food convoys on their journey to bring supplies to Britain without the Russians attacking! Spending some time in an authentic air raid shelter was a brilliant end to the trip and gave us the opportunity to sing a war time classic, Run Rabbit Run.



Lindy Hop

As part our PE this half term, we were transported back to the dance halls of World War Two. Here, everyone, including the soldiers, would be desperate to show off their swing dance routine. Over the past few weeks, we have been focused on the basic steps in the Lindy Hop, as well as choreographing a hand jive with our partner. Today we did a short performance for each other and next week we'll be moving onto the rather tricky swivel step from the Charleston... Bring it on!



A Day of Being Comfortable and Cosy for Children in Need

A huge thank you to everyone for doing their thing and putting on their pyjamas or best onesies for Children in Need. As a class, we have raised a fantastic amount to go towards charities which really do make a difference in children's lives in our local area and beyond. Well done to all the children for staying focused for their learning, even the teachers had to resist the temptation of a cosy snooze!



Can Anyone Hear Us?

Today we were thinking about communication in computing, but without using any computers! Linking in with our topic, we discussed the use of semaphore and how it allowed people to communicate across long distances before computers or telephones were easily available. It was great fun trying out the flags to communicate a secret word to our partner. It turned out to be much trickier than we expected!



Our Class Charter

As a class, we have agreed five rights which we think are important for all of us at school. Every day we have the right to learn, be safe and to all be treated equally. With these rights, come our responsibilities which help us to all enjoy school.



Year 6 is our final year to show the rest of the school how super we are. Being the oldest in the school, we have all agreed to try our best to be an example for the rest of the school.

Friday 15th February: the children should only attend school for their parent/teacher consultation meeting..........