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3 Pine

Phew! What a busy week we have had. Our Whatever the Weather topic finished on a high (or a mess) as we observed rain clouds and why rain fell to the ground.

Mrs Rixon demonstrated using shaving foam and food colouring.  


Meerkat Mail

To kick start our English book, Meerkat Mail, we had a visit from a pair of Meerkats and their friends. The children learnt lots of facts about the different animals and even got the chance to handle a snake and spider, and stroke a meerkat!! A big thank you to Animal Experience for visiting.




We are reading Meerkat Mail with great excitement as he describes his journey from the Kalahari Desert to see all his relatives, he was searching for a place where he felt he fitted in perfectly! We have got many learning opportunities from it.

In our drama and speaking and listening opportunities we have been acting out the story including Pie Corbett’s actions thinking about how Sunny felt at different times of the story.



Sunny the Meerkat crept into our classroom early one morning and left us a postcard along with a trail of sandy footprints. From clues we have plotted the places he visited returning to somewhere he already knew so well – Home is best!


It is nearly time to wave Sunny goodbye but not before we write our own adventure stories. 

ff (find and fix) Homophones

We have been practising our scanning and editing skills.

Now it's your turn! How many homophones can you find in this text? Next can you rewrite the text inserting the correct homophone?

1st parent to submit the correct passage wins a prize for their child.


Won bright day when the son was shining weigh up in the sky, a pear of meerkats road buy . Watching them from behind a fur tree was an enormous grizzly bare. He had bean keeping an I on them four about a weak from his cave in the hills. Now hear was his chance for a peace of meerkat pie for tee.

He crept from his hiding plaice and charged at the meerkats. Suddenly they herd the strange noise witch made them jump. They new they would be in danger if they stayed to long. No time to waist sew they took too there heals and ran for the mane rode. Luckily a passing car stopped and gave them a lift and saved they’re skins. There faces turned write with fear. Ewe thought we were safe! Sunny side. The meerkats looked over there shoulders too sea the bare stamping his feet with rage. Pour bare wood go hungry today. “I can’t believe what we’ve just scene!” Sunny panted.

The sky was now dark blew. Sunny new he wood sea stars but was surprised buy there brightness. He wanted to stair at them four ever, butt his piece was disturbed.  Nun of this would bee forgotten but he knew it was to grate to last. The family maid they’re way towards them. When they were write beside each other cuddles followed. Sunny wood have a tail two tell them. 

Welcome to 3 Pine

Welcome to 3 Pine 1
Welcome to 3 Pine 2

Hello and a very warm welcome to our page!

Firstly, I would like to say how lovely it is to see so many familiar faces as well as some new ones in the classroom. The children have settled remarkably quickly and have impressed the year 3 teachers already with their enthusiasm and willingness to learn.

Our class charter

Our class charter 1
Our class charter 2
Our class charter 3
Our class charter 4

Familiar settings: Our first mind map organising our notes.

Familiar settings: Our first mind map organising our notes. 1
Familiar settings: Our first mind map organising our notes. 2
Familiar settings: Our first mind map organising our notes. 3

Conscience Alley

This provides an opportunity to reflect in detail on the underlying issues or dilemma of a character at that particular moment: 

                     - should the boy run away?

After creating two lines; approximately a metre apart, each line takes an opposing viewpoint. One person is then chosen to walk between the two lines as each side voice their thoughts. This pupil then has to decide what their decision will be.

Picture 1


• Deepen understanding of situation

• Develop empathy

• Consider and voice differing view points

• Use persuasive language

• Take on character roles

• Discuss and reflect on character motivation and actions
Please phone, email or text by 9.10am if your child is going to be absent. Text no. 01689 422004 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Please remember to keep your child's lunch money account topped up on School Gateway . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .