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4 Elm

Paper Planets!

Paper Planets! 1
Paper Planets! 2
Paper Planets! 3
Paper Planets! 4

 To help us understand the movement of planets in our Solar System, we made the planets from paper-mache and took them into the playground to model revolution and rotation. We had a lot of fun making the planets based on images and descriptions. Mr Peters also thoroughly enjoyed the combined mess and chaos of paper mache and painting. 

Creepy Cakes!

Creepy Cakes!  1
Creepy Cakes!  2
We used our class book "Cakes in Space" as the inspiration for a DT unit on cake decorating. We tried to act scared when our photos were taken but sometimes, it was just too funny! 

Rocking rockets!

Rocking rockets!  1
We had a fantastic time showing off the hard work we put into our rockets. It was incredibly interesting walking around and talking to each other about how we made our rockets and the rockets that inspired us. 
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