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4 Yew

Up in the trees!

Today we went on our trip to Go Ape, our prize for winning the In It To Win It competition. The children had a fantastic time. Even though it was something scary, it was great fun flying down the zip wire! It was a great way to celebrate how much effort the class has put into this year.

Well done 4 Yew for earning so many points and a big thank you to all the parents and staff who supported us!

Let's see if you can win next year....



Robots are on their way!

Today we began building our robot toys to send off to Hamleys. It was brilliant fun, although we did get a bit messy, and we really worked well in our teams. Not everything went to plan, but we all stayed positive and the toys are really taking shape!




Thank you so much for sending in all your junk. It's amazing what you can turn a cardboard box into!

A letter from Hamleys....

This week Year 4 received a letter from Hamleys asking them to design their toy for the shop! We started looking at some of our own toys (which was great fun!) and next week, as part of our enabling enterprise project, will begin building our prototypes. 


Many thanks to everyone who brought it their toys to share with the class. It would be great if you could start collecting cardboard boxes and any other materials, including decorations, which might be useful for your final design.



Wiki Pages

Today, in computing, we began creating our own wiki pages using what we have learnt about India last term.

If you would like to edit your page at home, you can log in at with your unique username and password. If you have misplaced your login details, let Miss Heslop know. We will be carrying on with our wiki next Tuesday.

Class Assembly

Congratulations on a fantastic class assembly 4 Yew! We hope you and your parents enjoyed our tour of India as much as the whole school.




A special thank you to all the parents who have practised lines and lent us some beautiful saris to share with the rest of the school.


You all deserve a long rest over the weekend!

Easter egg hunt!

Easter egg hunt! 1
Easter egg hunt! 2
Easter egg hunt! 3
Easter egg hunt! 4

Our Tudor Town

Our Tudor Town 1
Our Tudor Town 2
Our Tudor Town 3
Our Tudor Town 4
Our Tudor Town 5
Our Tudor Town 6

4 Yew's Brilliant Bakers!

4 Yew's Brilliant Bakers! 1
4 Yew's Brilliant Bakers! 2
4 Yew's Brilliant Bakers! 3
4 Yew's Brilliant Bakers! 4
4 Yew's Brilliant Bakers! 5
4 Yew's Brilliant Bakers! 6
4 Yew's Brilliant Bakers! 7
4 Yew's Brilliant Bakers! 8
4 Yew's Brilliant Bakers! 9
4 Yew's Brilliant Bakers! 10
4 Yew's Brilliant Bakers! 11
4 Yew's Brilliant Bakers! 12
4 Yew's Brilliant Bakers! 13

Bread making! Remember to bring in your ingredients for next Wednesday!

Bread making! Remember to bring in your ingredients for next Wednesday! 1 Our bread dough before it's rise
Bread making! Remember to bring in your ingredients for next Wednesday! 2 Look how big it got!
Bread making! Remember to bring in your ingredients for next Wednesday! 3 Now it's filled up with air and ready to bake

World Book Day 2017

In it to win it winners!

In it to win it winners! 1 Well done for winning In it to win it this term!

Enabling Enterprise CSI!

Enabling Enterprise CSI! 1 Oh no! Who stole all the school chocolate?
Enabling Enterprise CSI! 2 It appears they've left some crumbs...
Enabling Enterprise CSI! 3 Time to examine the clues!
Enabling Enterprise CSI! 4 A piece of red fabric
Enabling Enterprise CSI! 5 Another clue!

Our Class Charter

Our Class Charter 1

PGL Adventures

PGL Adventures 1 We've all had a fantastic 3 days away.
PGL Adventures 2 Time for a well deserved rest over the weekend!
PGL Adventures 3 At school we were exploring the rainforest!

Writing altogether!

Writing altogether! 1 4 Yew used some great verbs in their writing!

A Brand New Story!

A Brand New Story! 1 We loved learning our story by heart with actions!
A Brand New Story! 2 Ask and we might tell you the story of 'The Door'!

Look at our Rockets!

Look at our Rockets! 1
Please phone, email or text by 9.10am if your child is going to be absent. Text no. 01689 422004 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Please remember to keep your child's lunch money account topped up on School Gateway . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .