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5 Cherry

Victorian Day.

What an exciting and interesting day we had.

The day began with a fancy dress parade to see all of our costumes. A Victorian School day commenced with Miss Lugg,  where the children learnt how to do handwriting on slate with chalk and do column addition with old money. This was followed by looking at Victorian Games/Toys with Mrs Swan and learning about Victorian artefacts with Mrs Linsdale. The day ended with the Rainbow workshop showing children what it was like to be a child in those times through an acting afternoon. It really brought this whole period to life.

Victorian Day.

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Victorian Day. 2
Victorian Day. 3
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Victorian Day. 7
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Victorian Day. 9
Victorian Day. 10
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Class Charter

During the first week of term, we discussed what a 'right' was and the different rights we are entitled to as children. We chose 5 rights that we felt linked to our time at school, such as: we have the right to be listened to, the right to play and rest and the right for adults to listen. We then discussed how we can respect these rights, for example: listening to others and respecting their views, being polite and persevering.


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