Darrick Wood Junior School


Assessment Without Levels

Following the introduction of the new National Curriculum which came into effect in September 2014, the government also decided to remove level descriptors relating to the pre-2014 National Curriculum.

The government’s rationale for the removal of level descriptors from the National Curriculum is built around providing individual school's with greater freedom in terms of the systems they put in place to assess pupil achievement over time. The Department for Education also suggested that the 'old' system of National Curriculum levels was confusing for parents and encouraged a culture of vertical acceleration through the levels rather than depth of learning.

Assessment at DWJS

From September 2015, all pupils at DWJS will be assessed against agreed criteria based upon the updated 2014 National Curriculum.

The school will no longer be using pre-2014 National Curriculum levels, or the language previously associated with such levels, to assess pupil achievement or communicate this achievement to parents.