Darrick Wood Junior School

Curriculum Provision

At DWJS, we want all children to enjoy the learning opportunities that we provide in school, deepening their knowledge and understanding across a wide range of subject areas and topics, taking pleasure from their learning journey and experiencing success along the way. We support this through the provision of well-planned, suitably challenging learning opportunities that encourage our children to gradually step outside their comfort zone and take risks that further their learning.  We encourage independent thought and support our children as they build transferable skills that prepare them for their future lives beyond DWJS.

Our curriculum reflects the full breadth of the National Curriculum (2014) which is adapted and enhanced to ensure that the learning is relevant to our children, their lives and, where possible, their interests – we believe that learning should be exciting and meaningful for the children.  Where it will enrich the overall learning experience, subjects are linked and lessons are taught using a cross-curricular approach.  Where this is not achievable subjects are taught discretely.

As a Rights Respecting School, we want to develop a strong sense of moral purpose in all our pupils so that they understand their responsibilities within DWJS and the wider community as a whole. Additionally, we aim to build positive attitudes towards learning and encourage pupils to think with a growth mindset as we build life skills in relation to our 4 Rs: resilience, resourcefulness, reflection and relationships.


Further information on the curricular provision within each year group can be found on the year group curriculum pages.