Darrick Wood Junior School

Modern Foreign languages

French at DWJS

The teaching of French as a Modern Foreign Language (MFL) was introduced into Year 4 at DWJS in January 2008 and was subsequently rolled out across the year groups so that every child in the school now receives a weekly French lesson.

Whilst the focus is predominately on enjoyment of interaction through speaking and listening, recognising written French and being able to write in the target language also form a part of lessons. Alongside these traditional aspects of language teaching, and in line with the Key Stage 2  Framework for Languages, lesson s are designed to improve the children’s understanding of other cultures and their understanding both of how languages are structured and how they inter-relate are provided. 

In addition to timetabled MFL lessons, care is taken to take advantage of other opportunities to integrate MFL into the curriculum such as registration in other languages and foreign language songs in assembly.

National Curriculum for MFL