Darrick Wood Junior School


Physical Education at DWJS: Vision and Intent

At Darrick Wood Junior we know that pupils enjoy being active and using their creativity and imagination in physical activity. We help them learn new skills, find out how to use them in different ways, and link them to make actions, phrases and sequences of movements. We encourage pupils to enjoy communicating, collaborating and competing with each other. We also develop their understanding of how to succeed in different activities and learn how to evaluate and recognise their own success. We understand that learning about fitness and health is an important part of the curriculum and we promote this through all of our curricular and extra-curricular activities.

PE Curriculum Overview: Implementation

PE at Darrick Wood Junior School provides challenging and enjoyable
learning through a range of sporting activities. Throughout their time at this
school, pupils participate in PE lesson during which they are taught the knowledge and skills covering a range of sports and other physical activities, including:

  • dance - modern, traditional and folk styles;
  • games - football, tennis, rugby, hockey, lacrosse, cricket, netball and
    rounders, handball, lacrosse, cricket and badminton;
  • gymnastics;
  • swimming and water safety;
  • athletics; and
  • outdoor and adventurous activities.

In addition to the timetabled curriculum, the school has a varied programme
of extra-curricular sports activities, which we are very proud of, including
both boys and girls football teams, netball, cricket, gymnastics, tag rugby,
dodgeball, dance, running and basketball to name but a few.

All children also participate in a competitive sports morning each academic
year, working with their house team to score points. On sports morning,
children complete a range of running, throwing and speciality races, where
children of similar speeds and abilities race against each other to develop
and challenge children individually and within a team. These events also
develop teamwork and leadership skills and are very much enjoyed by
children. Each child will be encouraged to progress regardless of ability and
to gain pleasure, success and satisfaction from their activities.


At Darrick Wood Junior school, we ensure that our PE curriculum is progressive and allows children to develop fundamental skills and apply them to a variety of sports and activities. All children are provided with the necessary skills and given opportunities to demonstrate improvement to achieve their personal best. These skills and values include:

  • Transferrable skills - pupils will have the ability to select and apply skills, tactics and compositional ideas to suit activities that need different approaches and ways of thinking.

  • Love and enjoyment of PE – develop a love of sport and physical activity which becomes part of their future life outside of primary school.

  • Healthy and active lifestyle - pupils will have the competence to excel in a broad range of physical activities. They will lead healthy and active lives and make positive life choices.

  • Core values - pupils will have developed positive attitudes to participation in physical activities and have embedded values such as fairness, respect, cooperation, collaborative teamwork, sporting values, competitive teamwork.

  • Inclusion and diversity – pupils will understand that sport is for everyone, irrespective of background, race, gender and culture. Every child is able to achieve their own goals and potential.