Darrick Wood Junior School

Pupil Voice

At Darrick Wood Junior School we take the notion of pupil voice very seriously indeed. Our pupils are our greatest asset as a school and it is for them, and them alone, that the school exists. It is only right, therefore, that the pupils have a voice in terms of the decision-making processes in school. By consulting the pupils over key aspects of what we do as a school we ensure that we avoid falling into the trap of thinking that by virtue of being adults, we know best. Inviting the children to contribute to the process allows us to see things from their perspective and take account of their ideas, thoughts and feelings.

There are several aspects to pupil voice at DWJS. For many years we have operated a School Council which meets monthly and helps to inform decision-making on many aspects of school life which directly impact upon the pupils. In addition, we have a team of Anti-Bullying Ambassadors and our Junior Travel Ambassadors. More information can be found on these roles via the links below.