Darrick Wood Junior School

SEND Provision

Our aim at Darrick Wood Junior School is to encourage the development of all children and to ensure that pupils have a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum which is related to their abilities.

Care is taken to plan work that is accessible to all pupils and to provide a learning environment that both challenges and supports them in making progress.

The school employs Teaching Assistants to support children’s learning. This support may be provided within class, in small withdrawal groups or one-to-one.

The needs of most children are met within the class by differentiated and group work.  All children are monitored and any particular needs are discussed with the Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO). The progress and attainment of all children is monitored closely and interventions to provide support for learning are put in place where appropriate.

Where a child continues to experience some difficulty with learning, for whatever reason, there is a Special Needs Policy, which sets out procedures for providing support. This policy implements the Special Educational Needs Code of Practice.

Where appropriate outside agencies may be asked for advice, or may be involved in assessing the child’s needs or in providing support. This is always discussed with parents first and their consent is necessary for any referral to be made.

The school aims to involve parents in their child's learning.  Parents are consulted at all stages about possible steps to support their children. Where children meet the London Borough of Bromley criteria they may be placed on the School’s Special Needs Register. All pupils placed on the school's SEN Register will be supported by a Provision Map which details how the school will provide for and meet their needs. It may sometimes be thought appropriate by school and parents to seek further advice and support. If appropriate, the school will work alongside parents and other agencies to out in place an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP). This plan will detail the specific, specialist provision required to meet the pupil's needs, the support the will be provided and, where appropriate, targets. Regular review meetings are held in respect of all pupils identified on the SEN Register and parents are invited to attend these meetings.

Parents are welcome to make an appointment if they have concerns about the provision made for their child's special needs. This may be with the class teacher, Special Needs Co-ordinator or Headteacher, as appropriate.

DWJS SEND Information Report