Darrick Wood Junior School

School Improvement Plan

Cycle of Improvement

As part of its ongoing cycle of improvement, it is the school’s responsibility to identify areas for development and set out the ways in which these will be addressed.

School Improvement Priorities for any given academic year will be based on the following:

  • current audits of strengths and areas of need, particularly in relation to the four key inspection areas
  • current or upcoming policies and initiatives prescribed by the Department for Education
  • priorities identified across the Trust in the SOLA School Improvement Strategy
  • the local context and education landscape in Bromley
  • any current or recent external evaluation of the school e.g. Ofsted inspection, Local Authority review
  • actions to secure the school vision
  • staff professional development needs
  • developments in pedagogy, ICT or best practice in teaching and learning
  • infrastructure and resourcing needs


The SIP Document

Whilst the School Improvement Priorities will remain largely unchanged fro any given year, the School Improvement Plan which underpins these is an ever-changing, live document. Whilst the SIP is overseen and managed by the Headteacher, it is contributed to by the whole Leadership Team and, where relevant, the wider staff. Where individual members of staff have responsibility for an aspect of the SIP, this is indicated.

The SIP broadly reflects the academic year. The previous year's plan will be reviewed in September, a process which feeds into the development of the current year's plan which is adopted by staff and governors in October.

The identified improvement priorities for the current academic year are set out in the linked document below:

DWJS SI Priorities 2021-22



The Governing Body receives termly updates from the Headteacher with regard to progress against school improvement priorities. In addition, teachers produce action plans in relation to their areas of responsibility which are updated each term. Many of these action plans reflect school improvement priorities and thus detail progress made against these priorities.

The most recent monitoring document can be viewed below:

DWJS SI Priorities Review June 2021