Darrick Wood Junior School

Secondary Schools

Children from Darrick Wood Junior School transfer to a variety of different schools according to parental preference.

In recent years these have included:

  • Darrick Wood School, Orpington;
  • Newstead Wood School for Girls, Orpington;
  • Ravens Wood School for Boys, Keston;
  • St.Olave’s Grammar School for Boys;
  • Tonbridge Grammar Schools, Tonbridge;
  • Bishop Justus CE School, Bromley Common.

The Local Authority provides detailed information for Year 6 parents early in the Autumn Term outlining the relevant procedures and information for application to secondary schools.

Please note that attendance at this school does not guarantee a place at Darrick Wood (Senior) School.

A meeting for parents regarding the 2019-20 process was held on 9th May 2019. The PowerPoint slides that accompanied the presentation can be downloaded below.

The eAdmissions website can be accessed HERE.

London Borough of Bromley - Secondary School Admissions