Darrick Wood Junior School

You Said, We Did

Reflection has been a bit of a buzz-word in education in recent years and we like to think that Darrick Wood Junior School is a reflective school on many levels.

In learning time we try to help the pupils to understand the importance of reflecting on what has been learnt over the course of a particular lesson or topic, considering the things that helped them to be successful and what their next steps might be.

The teachers are also encouraged and supported in becoming reflective practitioners who regularly take the time to step back and evaluate their own practice, identifying particular strengths and, equally, aspects that they would like to strengthen further.

Sometimes reflection can be triggered externally as a result of feedback. In the same way that the teachers at Darrick Wood Junior School provide regular feedback for the pupils in order to stimulate reflection, the school receives and actively seeks feedback from parents regarding key aspects of its provision. The main way in which this is done is through the annual Parents' Questionnaire which parents are invited to complete when they attend the February consultation meeting with class teachers. The survey is based on the Ofsted Parent View model and collects feedback on twelve key aspects of the school's provision.

In addition, parents are asked two additional open questions:

  • In your opinion, what does the school do best?
  • In what way would you most like the school to improve?

The most recent feedback that the school received in response to these questions from parents in each year group can be viewed by following the links below. In terms of any suggested improvements, information is also provided to explain how the school has responded to the issues highlighted in the parents' responses.

In your opinion, what does the school do best?

What The School Does Best 2017-18

In what way would you most like the school to improve?

Suggested Improvements 2017-18