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Computing at DWJS

Darrick Wood Junior School uses a wide range of technical resources across the whole curriculum, as well as in a weekly dedicated computing lesson. Our computer suite can easily become a space for film editing, music recording or even an animation studio with the help of a stock of microphones, webcams and a wide range of coding software. This enables the children to feel confident with the basic principles of computing, including the use of algorithms, sequencing, debugging and the use of digital content, which form the foundation for computing beyond the primary curriculum. Children also have the opportunity to get to grip with a range of physical hardware with Crumble computer chips to programme motors and LED lighting.


As a school we have also invested in technology which acts to both enrich and support children's learning across the curriculum. Virtual reality headsets provide children with an opportunity to experience far-off places to explore the physical landscape, inspire their imaginations and even travel back in time. Each class' set of iPads provides children with access to assistive technology throughout the day for small groups or individuals so that they can access and achieve in their learning at all times. Our wide range of apps plays a huge roll in this, including Clickr docs for typing extended pieces of writing. Teachers' use of interactive whiteboards as part of daily lessons bring lessons to life, as well as supporting visually learners, with buff backgrounds and blue text used as common practice to help reduce the visual strain on pupils, in particular dyslexic children.


Darrick Wood Junior School is part of the London Grid for Learning consortium and makes good use of the opportunities this provides.  Our ‘Virtual Learning Environment’ incorporates ultra-secure, Safemail e-accounts for all pupils. This facility enables them to share work between home and school and to communicate effectively within an ‘anytime – anywhere’ learning environment. Thus our children are well prepared for the working practices of the 21st century.

Curriculum Overview

Through out a pupil's time at Darrick Wood Junior School, they will become familiar with a range of software, revisiting particular programmes with increasingly complex challenges and coding requirements. These units of work are structured around the programme of study as outlined in the National Curriculum 2014, with a focus on digital literacy as well as coding ability.


With nine in ten children going online daily, E-Safety is a huge focus here at Darrick Wood Junior School. At every possible opportunity teachers discuss with their class how to stay safe online, with a whole school focus on Safer Internet Day in February. This day is an opportunity for the children to share how they use the Internet in their every day life and discuss the actions they can take to be happy and safe online.

As outlined in our E-Safety Policy, if ever a children feels uncomfortable while online they are advised to immediately turn of their screen and report it to an adult who can investigate and record the incident. This policy is shared with the children regularly.