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Junior Travel Ambassadors

Merry Christmas from the JTAs


The theme for the December badge is a Hedgehog.




At this time of year, most hedgehogs will be hibernating away from the cold weather, although as the weather has been mild this year, we might see some making quick outings for food. Hedgehogs are nocturnal animals, who often sleep during the day in a nest or under bushes and shrubs before coming out to feed at night. Hedgehogs have weak eyesight but a strong sense of hearing and smell. They can swim, climb and run quickly over short distances.


JTAs meet the Mayor

JTAs meet the Mayor 1




We are writing to introduce the first Junior Travel Ambassador competition of this academic year! We hope that you will be able to spare some time to take part.






Use the template with the attached sheet to design a banner that can be displayed outside school.


Design a slogan that can go on a banner to encourage people to dress brightly ready for the darker evenings.  Include things that will make you seen by drivers in poor lighting and bad weather conditions.


Think about what would look good on a large banner displayed outside school and remember to use bright colours, write clearly and make sure any words are spelt correctly.


Good Luck!


All entries to be given to Miss Ablett or the JTAs (Isabella and Edie) by the Friday 20th November






We have launched our Smart Movers campaign for this year. If you actively travel to school by walking, scooting or by parking nearby and walking you will receive a badge every month. The theme for this year's badges is British Wildlife. The badge for October is a Fox.




Foxes are one of the most well-known animals in the UK, they are native to Britain. I am sure you will have all seen many brave foxes on your journey to and from school, even though they are most active at night. At this time of year, the cub foxes are dispersing to find their own territories.



Planned gas repair works for Lovibonds Avenue starting on Friday 23rd October.


Temporary Traffic Order –  Lovibonds Avenue, Orpington.
In order for Southern Gas Networks to replace a high risk gas main it will be necessary to close Lovibonds Avenue, Orpington to Southbound traffic. A temporary one way system will be introduced between the junctions of Starts Hill Road and Mada Road and the following restrictions will be imposed:-
1. No person shall cause or permit any vehicle to stop in Lovibonds Avenue, Orpington, between the junctions of Starts Hill Road and Mada Road, on both sides of the street.
2. Any vehicle waiting in contravention of any restriction on waiting imposed by this Order may be removed under the provisions of the Removal and Disposal of Vehicles Regulations 1986, or by the Council in accordance with the powers conferred upon it.
3. Displaced traffic will be diverted via Mada Road, Crofton Road, Starts Hill Road
Will you please arrange to introduce a Temporary Traffic Order to this effect, commencing on Friday 23rd October 2015 with no specified finish date. 
Please include the following clause on the Notices for this Order:-
The order will have a maximum duration of 18 months and it is expected that the works will take up to two weeks to remove the risk from the gas main. SGN will then return next year during the school summer holidays in 2016 to replace the rest of the non-risk gas main.
The Order will only apply during such times and to such extent as shall from time to time be indicated by traffic signs prescribed by The Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 2002.
Nothing in this Order shall apply to anything done with the permission or direction of a Police Officer in uniform or Traffic Warden.
The restriction referred to in this Order shall not apply to vehicles being used in connection with the work.
Access to properties on this part of Lovibonds Avenue will be maintained at all times but vehicles will need to follow the diversion on site and adhere to the temporary one way system.

Please find attached details of ‘Scootscribes’ a scooter competition for Infant and Junior pupils.


There is a chance of winning two excellent prizes: a £150 Micro Scooter voucher for the overall winner and a new ‘Scooterpod’ for the winner’s school.


Entries should be handed in to me or the school office by Tuesday 23rd June.


Good Luck!


Miss Ablett 



The Big Pedal 2015

The Big Pedal 2015 1
The Big Pedal 2015 2
The Big Pedal 2015 3
The Big Pedal 2015 4
The Big Pedal 2015 5
The Big Pedal 2015 6

JTAs meet the Mayor

JTAs meet the Mayor 1
JTAs meet the Mayor 2

JTA Presentation for Bromley Schools

Spring Term Competition - Design a cycle jersey

For being one of the best JTA teams in the London Borough of Bromley, we won a trip to the London Transport Museum.

Please phone, email or text by 9.10am if your child is going to be absent. Text no. 01689 422004 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Please remember to keep your child's lunch money account topped up on School Gateway . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .