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Natural History Museum Trip

Despite the particularly hot weather, we had a fantastic day at the Natural History Museum! A big thank you to all the parents who came along and to the children for their great behaviour. I hope you are all having a restful evening after climbing up the hill from the station.



Battle of the Toy Companies - Enabling Enterprise

This week, we have been incredibly busy using our powers of imagination to design a prototype for a brand new toy coming to Hamleys! We had to be very inventive because they requested that the toy use as many recycled materials as possible. It has been great fun with glue guns, every colour of paint imaginable and a few boxes which are even bigger than we are! As well as being an opportunity to be creative, it has also given us the opportunity to practise working as a team. These skills might even be the beginning of a business career in the future! Tomorrow we find out which team has gained the most points for team work, imagination and staying positive.....





Wonderful Weather

This half term, we will recording the weather every day for three weeks to help us predict the future weather. We have already learnt how to use the digital data logger to measure the temperature, which has been far more accurate than the thermometer! Unfortunately it can't record the wind speed for us, so we are using a beautiful wind mill and the Beaufort scale to make a sensible estimation. So far, it has been a gentle breeze Monday and Tuesday, so only a 1 on the Beaufort scale.




After a few weeks will be able spot if there is a pattern and use powerpoint to create our own weather forecast to present to each other!

Magic with Mirrors

Today in science, we demonstrated that light can only ever travel in a straight line. Each table was then given a torch, mirror and a glue stick as target. Using the mirrors, we could then reflect the light so that wherever we moved the glue stick we could hit it with the light.


On the BBC website there's a great game where you can do the same with a massive beacon of light! Have a go at...



Bread Making - Part 2

Today the children had the opportunity to make their own unique bread rolls. We had some fantastic rises after the bread had proved and the final rolls looked (and especially smelled!) delicious.


Well done 4 Maple!



Bread-making Part 1

Today we took the first step towards making our own bread next week. Miss Heslop (with the help of Paul Hollywood) showed us how she makes a simple white bread loaf. Having seen how to make it, we then got into groups to decide what exciting ingredients we would like to add to our own loaves. Some of us are thinking about adding chocolate drops or cheese or even marshmallows!


The school will provide each group with the basic ingredients, but we need to bring in the little extras to make our bread unique next week Monday (26th March).


If you would like to give a go at home, you can find the recipe at



World Book Day

Despite a delay due to snow, it was fantastic to see so many book characters come to life this Friday. Some characters were familiar favourites, however some were brand new so we now all have some books to add to our reading lists! 






3...2...1...blast off!

Today in class was all about science and, in particular, rockets! Over the day we got the chance to make two different types of rocket in small groups. The first was a small straw powered rocket. We used little bits of paper which we stuck together to make a little cylinder and cone. When we put this on top of a straw and blew they flew off. It was amazing how powerful a single straw was! Maybe try it out at home...




The rest of the day was dedicated to designing and creating a prototype of a much larger rocket! We used all the water bottles you so kindly brought in for this, as well as few pieces of paper to create a cone, fins and, of course, decorations! It was a different decision about how many decorations to add because the more we had, the heavier the rocket. After lunch we then launched all the rockets using a bicycle pump and recorded how long they were in the air for, with the winner being the group whose rockets was in the air for the longest. Congratulations to NBEG for winning with a time of 2.06 seconds!




Cool Kennings!


Today we learnt about a particular style of poem called a Kenning. They are a type of riddle where each line only has two words! We looked a few examples, before writing our own about different animals. See if you can work about what each of these Kennings is about, as quickly as we did!


A tree swinger

A banana guzzler

A constant shouter

A vine swinger

A curious dreamer

A jungle climber

A forever fighter

A high climber

A tree hugger

Written by Riley, Gabriela and Jasmine


A shadow flier

A day sleeper

A mouse muncher

A wing flutterer

A head turner

An eye bulger

A night hooter

A nest maker

A learning lover

A beak snapper

Written by Ishika, Owen and Alex


A noise maker

A fin flapper

A fish eater

A high jumper

A fast mover

A big leaper

A peace breaker

A sea diver

A water splasher

A playful swisher

A hoop jumper

A show performer

Written by Jessica, Michael and Kira

A Mighty Battle in Maple!

Today we were captivated by the story of the Battle of Bosworth. After this battle, King Richard the third was killed and England had it's first Tudor King, Henry the seventh. We had great fun acting out all the key events to help us create a comic strip tomorrow.


A New Year's Challenge...

On the last day of term, the children were challenged to make the longest word possible from the letters in 'Merry Christmas'. There was stiff competition from all the children, but our winners were 5 boys with an 8 letter word each, including scariest, charters, stammers and scammers!


If you have a chance, see how many words you can come up with using the letters from 'Happy New Year!' It is possible to make an 8 letter word......

 Our  winning word wizards!

Have a cracking Christmas 4 Maple!

We had a great time making our Christmas crackers in the lead up to Christmas. Hope you and all your families have a lovely break. Looking forward to seeing you all on the 3rd January 2018 for the new year!







Crumble Computing

Still image for this video
A quick test of one of our crumble powered vehicles!

The Anglo-Saxon Express

We've been using our Viking topic as inspiration for some cross-curriculum writing in our afternoons. Read Daisy's terrifying report on the Viking Invasion of Lindisfarne!


Monastery Massacre

Early one morning, in the year 793 AD, there was a terrible disaster on the island of Lindisfarne. Monks caught sight of terrifying wooden dragon heads across the inky blue sea, but had no idea what to expect. It was scary, as if a great thunder storm was looming in the distance. After a while, the boat arrived at shore and the Vikings sprung out of the long boat. The Vikings brought their spears, bows and arrows, shields and helmets to attack the monastery. All of the Vikings took the Monks' jewellery, coins, silver and even their sacred gold crosses. Finally the Vikings burnt the monastery down.


In this week's edition of 'The Anglo-Saxon Express', you'll will also find an advert for a traditional Viking Longhouse from Alex.


Authentic Viking Longhouse for Sale!

Would you ever consider living life in a Viking Longhouse? Well, you can today! It's roomy and cosy, and you can sit next to the blazing hot fire while wearing your fluffy warm fur. Even though people say you'll catch a cough from the smoke, you'll have a hole in your roof so at night you can gaze up at the soaring shooting stars. You can cook with ancient and antique cauldrons, passed down through the generations. Instead of rummaging through cupboards to find things, you can easily hang things up on the wall with the pegs provided with this house, so you can find things as quick as a flash!


Do not delay, buy your longhouse today!

Sven the Viking's Visit!

Today we met Sven Longlegs, who told us all about everyday life as a Viking in a longhouse. We started by practising our war cries and rowings skills to recreate the Viking invasion of London. We also got to listen to the fascinating story of Thor and the Giants, which has passed down through the generations.






It was such an exciting day and we learnt so much about Vikings and the journeys they went on. Thank you for the all effort you put into the children's costumes!

Killer Cakes!

To celebrate a fantastic few weeks reading our class book, Cakes in Space, all the children had the chance to decorate their own scarily delicious cakes. Look at what their imagination and a few ingredients came up with!





Papier Mache Planets

Over the past few weeks, as a class we have been creating our own miniature solar system. Each group started with only a balloon, newspaper and some PVA glue. In the end we had a fantastic and colourful solar system, which we could use to model how the planets orbit the Sun.



Rocket Launch!

We had our rocket show today and it was fantastic seeing how much effort everyone had put into the project. Some of the rockets looked just like the real thing! Others were really imaginative with flashing lights and even some aliens...




Well done 4 Maple on your super rockets! Enjoy a lovely half term.

Class Assembly

It may only be 5 weeks into the new year but we are all excited for our class assembly tomorrow. We will be sharing our learning with the school so far.


Parents are welcome to join us from 3pm onwards and the assembly will start at 3:10pm. Do come along and then you'll find out what these creatures are all about...


Class Charter

As a class, we thought really carefully about what we need to do in the class to all be safe and happy. After a lot of discussion, we agreed to five right and five responsibilities.



Fantastic first day!


We've all made a brilliant start to the year in 4 Maple. We thought really carefully about what would we like to achieve and how we would like to grow as people. As you can see, we've filled a whole tree with our aims!



Please phone, email or text by 9.10am if your child is going to be absent. Text no. 01689 422004 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Please remember to keep your child's lunch money account topped up on School Gateway . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .