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Mrs Rixon's Spellings

Spellings for a test 4.7.16 (homophones 2)

Spellings Homophones or near homophones 21.6.16 for a test 27.6.16

Spellings 6.6.16 for a test 13.6.16

Spellings 17.5.16 for a test 23.5.16 ( including an extra 10 from previous tests!)

spellings 9.5.16 for a test 16.5.16

spellings 3.5.16 for a test 9.5.16

Spellings 25.4.16 for a test 3.5.16 ( Bank holiday 2.5.16)

Spellings suffix ous 12.4.16 for a test 18.4.16

Spellings 15.3.16 sion for a test 21.3.16

Spellings 10.3.16 to be tested 14.3.16

Spellings 22.2.16 for a test 1.3.16

Please learn these spellings for a test every Monday.

From 21.9.15 the children have been given a pack of spellings in their folder. Each week we will concentrate on 1 page of spellings. For home learning there is a sheet for each week containing their spelling focus as well as a challenge at the bottom. The first page (set 1) begins on 22.9.15 to learn for a test the following Monday.

weekly spellings starting from 22.9.15 set 1 onwards

Tuesday 6th October : 

This week we are looking at adding    -ing, er, est, y    to words ending with 'e'


for example: ride    becomes  riding   (lose the e, add ing)

For a test next Monday ( including a few high frequency words and previous spellings too)


Remember   *   write interesting sentences to show your understanding

                     *   keep using previous spellings in your learning, they will be tested again!

                     *   ask if you are not sure what a word means