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Year 4

Inflatable Fun Day

As a thank you to the children for being so enthusiastic about the events that the PTA have put on, the PTA very kindly arranged for four bouncy castles, a huge blow up slide and an inflatable obstacle course to visit DWJS! The children had a fantastic time and some even beat a few members of staff on the obstacle course... A massive thank you to the PTA for such a lovely treat on a gorgeous summer's day!



Magnificent Music

This afternoon was a very proud moment for all of the Year 4 teachers, as we got to hear the Year 4 Band play in the Summer Concert rehearsal. It is amazing how much the children have learnt in a short space of time and we hope they continue in the following years so that we can hear them again next year! We were also treated to a performance by the fantastic singing club. It is brilliant to see so many children from our classes enjoying themselves and singing with their friends. Good luck tonight everyone!



Incredible India

Today we were lucky enough to have some parents volunteer their time to tell us all about India! We saw the beautifully embroidered saris and clothes which they wear for special occasions. Some of us even got to try them on for size! Next we were allowed to taste a few Indian snacks. The samosas smelt amazing, but most of us thought the sweet, sticky gulab jamun were our favourite. These are sweet balls of batter deep-fried and then soaked in a sugar syrup. After break, we got to watch a demonstration of traditional Bharatanatyam dancing, which is about telling a story through rhythm, hand gestures and facial expressions. When we all gave it a go we realised how tricky it was, but it was great fun.




Thank you to all the parents who made this morning possible and a special thank you to Rakshana, from 4 Willow, who was very brave performing her dance in front of the whole year.

Penshurst Place

The children had a lovely time visiting Penshurst Place and learnt all about life in Tudor times. I think we would like to have Queen Elizabeth in class to keep an eye on behaviour!


Super Science Day

Today we got the chance to explore and create our own rocket prototypes, which has linked with our learning about forces. Every group was given a 2 litre plastic bottle and some coloured card. They had to think about how to make their rocket as aerodynamic as possible to overcome air resistance when it was launched. A nose cone definitely helped, but every decoration added made the rocket heavier....

In the afternoon, all of the rockets were then launched using a bicycle pump which was great fun. The winner was the group whose rocket stayed in the air the longest!



Terrific Tudor Town!

Today we had the chance to celebrate all the effort the children had put into building their own Tudor houses. We created a street in the hall which the whole year group could then walk round. It was especially great to see how they had been creative, using different resources to make thatched roofs, windows and even furniture in some!


Well done Year 4, you should all be very proud of your totally unique creations, and a big thank you to everyone who helped at home.





Bug Club

For the Spring 2 term, we have allocated every child 4 books on the bug club website. Your child's class teacher will give out logins on the first Friday of the half term. For most children, their username is the first 4 letters of their first name, followed by the first 4 letters of their surname. If you have trouble accessing bug club, please let your child's teacher know as soon as possible. When you login, you will also need the school code which is 67kt.

Maths Home Learning

Every Friday we will set the children a task to complete on MyMaths by the following Tuesday. All the children have now been given their own personal login details. Before they put these in though, they must first use the school login on the MyMaths home page.


School login: darrick1

School password: compass260





If there is ever a problem over the weekend, your child can come to the computer suite on a Monday lunchtime to complete their home learning before they have their lunch.

Crumble Computing

In Year 4, we were lucky enough to have a visitor come in to help us construct our very own moving vehicle from scratch! All we had to start with was a paper plate, a crumble (a very small computer chip), batteries and some wires. Throughout the day, we built a working circuit, using motors to power the wheels, program the crumble computer and finally decorate it!

It was quite tricky thinking what we needed to include in our code, because computers aren't actually very clever and can only follow instructions.... However, we persevered and solved lots of problems, including the fact that each pair was only given 2 wheels!







We had some fantastic designs, including a chip van, unicorn car and a spotty car for Pudsey from Children in Need. Well done Year 4!

Viking Day 2017! - The arrival of Sven Longlegs!

Year 4 had a fantastic day learning about the Vikings! They learnt about Viking Myths and the story of Thor and they compared Viking houses to houses today. To really enhance their learning, the children met Sven Longlegs, a Viking explorer who had taken a wrong turn and ended up at our school!. He taught them all about the Vikings and they had lots of fun with him!

We would like to thank you all for their amazing costumes and your support for this day!

The Year 4 Team 

Here are the photos of the day! 





Autumn 2 Home learning

Autumn 2 Spellings


Please phone, email or text by 9.10am if your child is going to be absent. Text no. 01689 422004 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Please remember to keep your child's lunch money account topped up on School Gateway . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .